What the Kale? Is it a four-letter word?

Okay, now I know what you’re thinking?  Yes, technically, kale is a four-letter word.  But how is it a four-letter word? Well, only because if you are anywhere and talking to just about anyone, the mere suggestion of “kale” makes folks shriek and cover their ears as if offended to the highest degree.  Poor, poor kale…so misunderstood!

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Kale has changed my life…and makes me look younger.  I’m not joking.  When I have just one of my green drinks, (wait, don’t cover your ears) the next day the lines on my face are less visible.  It’s true.  High in iron and vitamins A, C, & K, loaded with anti-oxidants, inflammation-reducer, and considered a great detox food, kale is about as healthy as it gets and truly is a super food!

By juicing it or using baby kale mixed into your salads (until you get addicted and want the entire salad to be kale like we do), you can work this superfood quite easily into your diet. 

Joe’s Mean Green Juice (from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) is a wonderful juice that consists of 6 large kale leaves, 1/2 lemon, 1 apple, 1 cucumber, 2 celery stalks and about an inch of fresh ginger.  Run that through the juicer and you have a really healthy and tasty (Heck yeah!) juice.

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My darling was sweet enough to get me an “Eat More Kale” t-shirt and when I wear it, people always smile and sometimes even share how they eat kale in their diets, too.  So, next time you are at the grocery store, pick up some organic baby kale and give it a try.  If you use the larger leaves, get the lascinato kale and massage it with fresh avocado and then sprinkle some lemon juice on top.  YUM!