Thoughts Become our Reality!

Over the past decade, I have found myself gravitating towards books and documentaries that have to do with visualization and manifestation.  In the past, the winner of the argument between fate and being proactive had not made itself very clear to me.  That is, until I started using visualization.  The documentary that started the whole thing was What the Bleep do We Know?  After that, movies like The Secret and books such as The Artist’s Way found me and dare I say, changed my life.  I began to use these techniques to co-create my reality.  At first, I had to fake it because I was still a little skeptical, but now I can attest to the use of this practice and even have passed it along to my students. To some, this may be a very airy-fairy way of thinking but if you are a dorky science geek like me, you know that this has way more to do with quantum mechanics and much less to do with all things esoteric.  In an attempt to clear up any residual baggage, this book has found its way into my life.

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It’s all about trapped emotions and how to clear them in order to continue on the journey of self-actualization.  Here’s a little nugget that further supports my thoughts that we really do create our realities simply by the messages with which we barrage ourselves on a daily basis.

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So, this got me to thinking.  This is a lot of pressure to constantly be positive and focus on gratitude while at the same time continually be telling myself “You CAN do this!”  Negative self talk and doubt have no place in this equation.  Let the reprogramming begin!


Stay-cations Can Calm the Mind and Spirit!

So when we decided to stay home for our vacation this year we had fears that what was supposed to be rest and relaxation would turn into an endless stream of unfinished home projects that needed closure!  Originally, this stay-cation was scheduled to be only one week.  Oh yes, we had micro-adventures of popping our Ikea cherries and going to our free-on-Monday museum, but somehow we never seemed to really relax.

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We hung up some photos and prints that had been meaning to go up after our bedroom remodel and I finally finished my painted of Tara, the female Buddha, that I started 3 years ago.  (yes, you read that correctly…THREE!)

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We did lots of errands and actually went to the beach once.  But somehow, we still never felt that ease of relaxation that was supposed to fill us as we took time off from work. Then the following conversation ensued:

Me to my lovely other half:  “What do you say we take another week off?!  You know, just cancel our lessons (we’re both piano teachers) and extend our stay-cation?”

Kirsten:  “We can’t do that. We’re supposed to get paid this week. I’ve already scheduled my lessons.”

Me:  “We’ll get paid next week and just tell everyone that we decided to take our second week of vacation now.  They’ll all understand.”

Kirsten: “hmmmm….let me see…”

And so it was done.  We contacted all of our parents and as I suspected they all understood that we needed more time.  Wow, a second week?  This is going to be awesome.  And indeed it was!  And you know the best part about it?  We really did relax.  We took in a movie and best of all, we allowed ourselves time to do NOTHING!  No projects, no errands, just BE in that very Buddhist sense.  Honestly, neither one of us are Buddhists but sitting in our breezy Starbucks alcove reading books became very spiritual by the end of the week.  Four days in a row (and honestly it could be five now) we went to that same Starbucks, got our goodies and sat and read and just allowed ourselves to BE!

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Our spirits and minds needed that downtime even if it meant just being a few miles away from home.