Stay-cations Can Calm the Mind and Spirit!

So when we decided to stay home for our vacation this year we had fears that what was supposed to be rest and relaxation would turn into an endless stream of unfinished home projects that needed closure!  Originally, this stay-cation was scheduled to be only one week.  Oh yes, we had micro-adventures of popping our Ikea cherries and going to our free-on-Monday museum, but somehow we never seemed to really relax.

iphone pics thru Aug 1 2014 027

iphone pics thru Aug 1 2014 081

We hung up some photos and prints that had been meaning to go up after our bedroom remodel and I finally finished my painted of Tara, the female Buddha, that I started 3 years ago.  (yes, you read that correctly…THREE!)

iphone pics thru Aug 1 2014 046

We did lots of errands and actually went to the beach once.  But somehow, we still never felt that ease of relaxation that was supposed to fill us as we took time off from work. Then the following conversation ensued:

Me to my lovely other half:  “What do you say we take another week off?!  You know, just cancel our lessons (we’re both piano teachers) and extend our stay-cation?”

Kirsten:  “We can’t do that. We’re supposed to get paid this week. I’ve already scheduled my lessons.”

Me:  “We’ll get paid next week and just tell everyone that we decided to take our second week of vacation now.  They’ll all understand.”

Kirsten: “hmmmm….let me see…”

And so it was done.  We contacted all of our parents and as I suspected they all understood that we needed more time.  Wow, a second week?  This is going to be awesome.  And indeed it was!  And you know the best part about it?  We really did relax.  We took in a movie and best of all, we allowed ourselves time to do NOTHING!  No projects, no errands, just BE in that very Buddhist sense.  Honestly, neither one of us are Buddhists but sitting in our breezy Starbucks alcove reading books became very spiritual by the end of the week.  Four days in a row (and honestly it could be five now) we went to that same Starbucks, got our goodies and sat and read and just allowed ourselves to BE!

iphone pics thru Aug 1 2014 085
Our spirits and minds needed that downtime even if it meant just being a few miles away from home.


12 thoughts on “Stay-cations Can Calm the Mind and Spirit!

  1. A stay-cation in Florida is really not so bad! I’ve learned to ignore the heat of the florida summer in exchange for shorter waiting lines. Starbucks and airports are always great to people watch… 🙂


  2. The government here in Ireland is always running ad campaigns advertising Ireland as the best place for Irish citizens to holiday in. They keep saying that there is something here for everyone… But that’s not true.

    When I think holidays I think theme parks and there is not one single theme park in all of Ireland. There use to be, years ago, but the government bought it out and shut it down and turned it into a refugee centre. So for me, a guy who likes theme parks, Ireland has nothing to offer me. So when I think holidays, I think Orlando Florida with Walt Disney World and Universal Studios and awesome shopping and great food and a magical atmosphere to the whole place.

    I also think America in general because all my best and closest friends are in America and my partner, Mike, is in America. So really, Ireland has a lot to offer, it has castles and scenery and great places to go to, but for me, it doesn’t have any theme parks and none of my best friends are here, or my partner. So when I think holidays, I think USA :)!!


  3. when we moved here we weren’t sure if we would have enough funds to be able to take vacations but we decided that living in Florida was like being on vacation everyday. seems to me your staycation extension was just what you and your other half needed.


  4. Well done for taking that second week. Sounds like the first week was just the start of the unwinding. We have a shed at the bottom of the garden (which I have not used this year!). We sometimes go down there together or on our own to get away from the phone and the doorbell. Sometimes it is hard to let go!! We take our meals down there and whatever we want to do to relax. The daughters have even been known to visit and presume we are out!!!! Happy days!


  5. Though retired now, my husband and I always took two weeks for our vacation — it seemed the first week was a time for “unwinding” and the second week allowed us to really enjoy the free time and re-create! !


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