Vegan Enlightenment

The title “Vegan Enlightenment” sounds so lofty, doesn’t it?  It really isn’t meant to, but that is how I’m starting to feel…about food, about fellow humans, about animals, about plants and other little critters in the garden.  Having been vegetarian for 25 years, I’ve always felt a certain kinship and compassion for all living things and never wanted to eat anything that “had a face.”  Now, after going vegan (after a documentary fest over holiday break) I realize that in order to live with the level of compassion and the least amount of suffering of animals possible, that I must be vegan to make that happen.  When I realized how awful the dairy industry is, my eyes were opened forever and now feel that I can’t, in good conscience, support an industry that treats animals so cruelly.  So, seven months later, I’ve dropped 18 unnecessary pounds, feel so much better and have a lighter spirit.  I feel more deeply about all living things…and I didn’t think that was possible.